Product number: 125Khz Handheld Duplicator RL128
Package size: 14*9*4cm
Weight: 90g

Product Description:
RL128 is 125khz handheld copier,it can copy EM4305,T5577 writable cards,it can using for access control management. With battery, it is very easy to operate.

1. Dimension: 115X70X30mm
2. Power: Two Piece AAA battery
3. working status Led: Read , Power , Write
4. Button: Read Button, Write Button.

User Manual:
A Switch On, Power Led should flash one second .
B Put a card what should be copied in Read Area
C Press Read Button, If Read OK Read Led should flash and Beep sounds
D Put a card should write, Press Write Button and keep press, about one second, if Beep a sound means Copy succeed
E If want write more card same ID, repeat D
D Switch Off for save Power

Operation Manual & SDK

Operation Manual & SDK will be sent via email after your purchase is completed.

Packing & Shipment

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