RS102 can support read ID or IC card at the same time, with 10 digit dec output format.

Name: Double frequency card reader
Dimension: 104x68x10mm
Support ID: EM4200.TK4100
IC: Mifare 1k/F1108/Mifare 4k
Frequency: 125KHz,13.56MHz
Reader time: <0.5s Power Supply: +5V DC Consumed Current: 70mA Work mode: Read only Read range: 1~10cm Output format: 10 digit dec Interface: USB Status Indication: 1pc LED Service Temperature: -10℃ ~ +70℃ Store Temperature: -20℃ ~ +80℃ Instructions for use:
1. Connet with computer through USB interface directly
2. Open Notepad or a word document
3. The mouse in Notepad or WORD document clicking
4. Put card on the top of reader.
5. Notepad or word documents will output of the ID card number
6. When Reading one card, LED lights with red into the green.
7. Can input keyboard number keys inside

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