We offer high quality Matte PET Label at affordable prices! Choose from Over 100 Different Existed Molds/Layouts or Customize Your Own Labels. Get standard matte silver pet labels printing in any size shipped out within 3-5 day, available on all material options. If you need a custom label size, just contact us and we’ll work with you to get the job done quickly and at a low, hassle-free cost!

blank matte pet label
barcode label matte pet
matte pet labels
met pet labels

Available Sizes and Layouts (Other Size & Layouts Customizable)

one row 1000p 60x40
one row 1000p 70x40
one row 500p 100x80
one row 800p 100x60
one row 1000p 80x50
one row 1000p 80x60
one row 1000p 100x50
one row 2000p 60x30
one row 3000p 30x20
one row 2000p 40x20
one row 2000p 40x30
one row 2000p 50x30
waterproof oil-proof
scratch resistant tear proof

Packing & Shipment

package shipment

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