RFID technology is widely used in many industries in the IOT sector, achieving intelligent- identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.

The S62 is a portable ultra-high frequency long range terminal, capable of high performance UHF reading and writing. The specially designed antenna supports a data rate reach of 40kbps – 640kbps. This powerhouse runs reliably during work-shift hours, and is particularly suitable for usage in the retail industry.


● Excellent UHF RFID Reading And Writing:
High performance UHF reading and writing module, high sensitivity antenna, the read-write distance can reach up to 5m, reading speed of 50 tags  per second.

● Rechargeable Dual Batteries:
Rechargeable polymer lithium battery, the device can work continuously for more than 12 hours with built-in 3800mAH battery and external 3200mAH battery built-in the handle.

● Convenient and Comfortable Handle:
Fashionable and ergonomic design, convenient and comfortable handle eases long hours of handling for the user.

● High-Speed Operation Performance:
Adopts congregating identification technology, can rapidly read all dense tags and reduces blind spots or error rates when reading large quantities of single tags.

● Resourceful Configuration:
Adapt all kinds of scanning engines, supports WI F I/ Bluetooth /WC D MA/EVDO/G P RS etc. communication transmission modes.

● Always-available Wireless Connection:
Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n full-band wireless communications and maintains real-time connection with the system to ensure high efficient operation.



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