rfid bio glass tag for animal

Our RFID Animal Glass Tag is pre-loaded in a sterilized injector sealed in plastic ready for injection under an animal’s skin. It enables the complete traceability of pets as animal and owner data are registered in a PC’s database ensuring that pets, when found can be identified and claimed quickly when lost or stolen.

The RFID transponder measures just 2.12mmx 12mm. Inside the capsule is an antenna coil and a microchip, which requires no battery and contains the indelible RFID identification code.  In accordance with ISO standard 11784, the unique identification code can be read anywhere in the world!

Available Size for RFID Glass Tag

rfid glass tag for animal

RFID Glass Tag for Animal Features

Glass Tube Dimensions 2.12mmX12mm,2.12mmX8mm, 1.4mmX8mm, 1.25mmX7MM or customized
Glass Tube Material Bioglass encapsulation with proff-immigration coating
Chips TK4100, EM4305, EM4200, T5577, HDX7999, HITAG S256, NTAG216, I CODE SLI
Standard ISO 11784/11785
Protocol format FDX-B
Frequency 134.2KHz, 13.56MHz
Data Read only or one time programmable or read-write reprogrammable
Injector material PP for medical
Package material Hard PVC and paper for medical
Package Method 100 pieces per bag,10000 pieces per carton
Using method One-off
Sanitation state Processed in EO gas
Barcode 6 ea.(3X2)
Certification ICAR, ROHS

Implanter/Syringe for RFID Glass Tag

It is designed to inject our bio-compatible glass transponders under the skin of animal and is packed in a separate package.

implantable glass tag with syringe
animal glass tag syringe
glass tag implanter for animal
glass tag
glass tag applications
glass tag application

Packing & Shipment

package shipment

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