Special Reading Device for DPM Code Supoin S56 is a solid and durable industrial terminal, operating with an advanced data acquisition and real-time communication function. Equipped with a two dimensional DPM scan engine, it enables decoding to be done from any angle, developed to read those tags which have been engraved by lasers, stippled mechanically or printed by jet printers.

The device is widely used in manufacture, logistics, food supervision, medical administration, and other fields of quality tracing and product tracking.


● Excellent DPM Reading And Writing :
High performance DPM scanning engine, decoding barcodes engraved by laser, stippled mechanically or printed by jet printer, the device identifies fast and reads from all angles

● High-speed Operation Performance
With Android 5.1 and WinCE6.0 operating system, matching Qualcomm M8X12 quad core 1GHz and PXA310 806MHz high speed processor with perfect compatibility and computing power.

● Resourceful configuration :
Adapts all kinds of scanning engines,
Supports WIFI/Bluetooth/WCDMA/EVDO/GPRS etc. Communication transmission modes.

● Industrial Grade Durability:
IP65 industrial grade, solid and light body can bear the height of 1.5m drops and 1000 tumbles within the scope of 0.5m. Thin and light design, waterproof, dustproof long –life span without loss of performance

● Powerful Endurance Ability:
3800mAh dual-core high capacity anti-explosion battery persistently provides power for over 10 working hours Charging cradle optional, device and battery can be charged simultaneously, ideal for operation of many work shifts.

● Humanized and ergonomic design:
TPU Bi-colors rubber protected body encapsulation and high density magnesium aluminum alloy framework. Laser caving design keyboard, suitable for dark working environment .


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