Wax Ribbons Specifications:

Size: 50mm*300m, 60mm*300m, 80mm*300m, 90mm*300m, 110mm*300m, 110mm*70m, 90mm*70m

Core: dia 13mm used for 70m ribbon, dia 26mm used for 300m ribbon

Color: Black,K/C/Y/M, Black and color,Red,Blue,Green,Yellow,Cyan,Purple,White,Orange,Skin,Copper,Gard, Gold,Coffee,Wood,Cyan,Bronze,Sky Blue,Silver,Fluorescent Pink,Fluorescent Yellow,Violet

Supporting Material: Copperplate paper, thermal transfer paper, mirror coated paper

Application: Copperplate paper label, clothing tag, price tag

A full thermal transfer wax ribbon is coated with a wax-based ink, requiring a low melting temperature.Thermal transfer printers work by applying heat to a ribbon made of wax or resin-based ink. The heat applied by the thermal printhead melts that wax onto the paper or label surface, creating your printed image.

Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons Feature

    • Most common type of thermal transfer ribbon
    • Recommended for coated and uncoated paper stock
    • Softer image durability
    • Inexpensive
    • Good for shipping, shelf, bin, retail, and warehouse labels

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Buying Guide

Duration of Use

Full Wax


Full Resin

Short term / temporary

Medium term

Long term / permanent

Type of Use

Full Wax


Full Resin

Shipping, shelf, bin, retail, and warehouse labels

Barcode, shipping, prescription pharmaceutical, and shelf labels

Sensitive medical applications and chemicals, textile or garment labels, automotive labels, and flexible packaging

Paper Type

Full Wax


Full Resin

Uncoated paper stock

Standard and weatherproof thermal transfer labels

Non-paper, synthetic stocks

Exposure To

Full Wax Wax-Resin

Full Resin



Light handling / scratching / abrasion


Moderate temperature changes



Medical applications / machines


Heavy handling / scratching / abrasion

Extreme temperature changes

UV exposure

Packing & Shipment

package shipment

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