PVC card stock comes in solid white, and is the industry-standard material for many plastic card applications like gift cards, key cards, business cards and more. The PVC used by Plastek Cards is made primarily from recycled materials.


One of the benefits of printing on plastic is the ability to take advantage of transparent PVC card stock. Incorporating transparency into your design offers one of the most distinctive looks available, offering design options that are transparent, translucent or opaque. Clear card stock is popular for business cards, gift cards and more.


Paper cards are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, while still providing the option for barcodes and magnetic stripes. Paper cards are available in a variety of finishes, including gloss, matte, soft touch, and spot UV.


For an extra measure of sophistication on your black cards, consider using a black core card stock. Black core replaces the white edge visible on PVC cards with a sleek black edge, creating an all black card stock.


If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly card material, consider PETG, which is derived from polyester and is 100% recyclable. Widely used by credit card makers, PETG is biodegradable and doesn’t emit harmful gases. PETG exhibits the same characteristics as PVC, such as durability and a wide array of print and finish options.