Glossy Finish

Gloss overlays allow for post-production printing on cards, which is perfect for adding member information or other information at a later date.

glossy finish cards

Matte Finish

To prevent card from scratches,for durability and texture, a matte finish is tough to beat. The granular feel of a matte finish makes scratches less noticeable, and can add to the overall warmth and strength of your design.

Transparent Finish

Use transparent or translucent material as card stock,silkscreen printing images and texts on surface to give the card special effects that are incorporated into the design.

transparent card

Frosted Finish

For a more refined look, consider frosted plastic cards, such as frosted business cards. Frosted cards do not have the sheen of a gloss finish, and offer a smooth and professional appearance that is translucent on clear cards. Available on both clear and solid card stock, frosted finishes have the look and feel of a smooth matte texture.

frosted card

Flocked Finish

With a felt-like texture, flocked cards are manufactured using a process that deposits thousands of small fiber particles (called flock) onto the card surface. Flock can be added to specific card areas or the entire card, creating warmth, texture and visual dimensio

flocked card


Scented matte finishes have a similar finish and feel as matte, but with the option of having a scent applied. Scents can be applied to the entire card or to specific areas of the artwork.

scented plastic card