Alibaba Prints offers variable numbers printing using thermal, inkjet,UV,embossing and laser printing methods. Variable data is perfect for membership cards, loyalty cards and more.

THERMAL PRINTING NUMBER: Variable data printing using the thermal process can only be done if there is an overlay finish on the cards (not available on matte finishes). Available color: black, white,gold and silver.

INKJET PRINTING NUMBER: Inkjet number is used mainly on special die cut cards like snap apart cards,combo cards,custom name badges etc.

SPOT UV/DOD NUMBER & BARCODE: Printing UV number & barcode is faster than printing thermal number. It’s same speed as inkjet numbers but cheaper than thermal numbers.

LASER NUMBER: Laser number often used in RFID card/tag coding area when customer need to print the chip transponder’s UID on the card.

EMBOSSING NUMBER: At Alibaba Prints, embossing number is free of charge if it’s consecutive.

NBS EMBOSSING NUMBER: NBS enable us to emboss different numbers and letters at different lines on the same card. Just looks like same as you see on a credit card,it has names, expire date,numbers etc.

variable data