PVC card holders or sleeves are a great way to protect credit or debit cards, membership cards,vip cards, passports, drivers Licenses and more from wear and tear. and promote your organization.blank plastic card sleeve shields and protects plastic cards.

Whether protecting the card’s magnetic stripe, barcode or shielding against ID/IC data theft, the card holders are easy to customize with your organization’s logo, name and designs.

Soft PVC Card Holder/Sleeve

Spot printed badge holder5
waterproof pvc badge holder
Badge reel with badge holder
Spot printed badge holder2
Spot printed badge holder
pvc card holder11
pvc card holder15
pvc card holder14
pvc card holder13
pvc card holder12

Rigid PVC & PP Card Holder/Sleeve

Open face rigid badge holder2
Open face rigid badge holder3
Open face rigid badge holder6
Two layers badge holder holder two cards
Open face rigid badge holder1
Open face rigid badge holder7
Open face rigid badge holder8
Two layers badge holder holder two cards2
Two layers badge holder holder two cards3
rigid pp pvc card holders
Closed face rigid badge holder
rigid pp plastic card holders
rigid pp pvc card holder
rigid pp plastic card holder

PVC/PP Card Holder Specification

Item PVC Card Holder/Sleeve
Material Soft PVC, Rigid PVC, Polypropylene
Color Transparent, Frosted, Black or custom
Size 104*161mm, 90*125mm, 112*91mm, 74*125mm, 95*81mm, 94*68mm, 64*105mm, 114*105mm, 94*149mm, 76*120mm, 105*87mm or custom
Thickness 0.25mm,0.28mm,0.3mm,0.35mm,0.4mm,0.5mm
Layout Vertical, Horizontal
MOQ 100
Printing Logos/text on soft pvc and leather card holders

Basic PVC Card Holder Size (more size available)

card holder size

Packing & Shipment

package shipment

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