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Although RFID & NFC technology is widely used nowadays, you can not ignore one thing, the barcode labels (also name bar-code labels). Compared to RFID & NFC using RFID chip transponders embeded in either PVC materials,paper/PET inlays or any other type of materials, the barcode label is normally printed on different types of papers. So, where to buy quality barcode labels at cost ?

AlibabaPrints offer one-stop ID & barcodes solution since 2008, we can provide you all kinds of blank barcode labels including Blank Rolls of Labels, Copperplate Paper Labels, Direct Thermal Labels, Matte PET Labels, Thermal Synthetic Paper Label, Cable Labels. Moreover,each blank barcode labels can be printed and customized easily.

We offer high quality blank label sheets at affordable prices! Choose from Over 100 Different Existed Molds/Layouts or Customize Your Own Labels. Get standard blank labels in any size shipped within 3 day, available on all material options. If you need a custom label size, just contact us and we’ll work with you to get the job done quickly and at a low, hassle-free cost!

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